14 Schools from Kyaterekera Learning Centre have been trained on how to integrate TELA Application in the teaching, learning and administration of the school. The training brought together Headteachers , Deputy headteachers and some selected teachers from schools that make up Kyaterekera Learning Centre.

The training tool place at Kyaterekera SDA Primary School and was facilitated by the District Project Assistant Mr. Mwinganiza Godfrey.

Participants were trained on how to effectively use the TELA application. Mr. Mwinganiza said that the system has the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher as the Super Users. The headteacher is in charge of the overall administration of the system assisted by the Deputy Headteacher.

The system eliminates absenteeism by teachers and enhances learners’ performance given the fact that thre is an increase in lesEducation and sports Data centre.

Says Mwinganiza

Schools with TELA technical issues were worked on by Godfrey. One hundred fourty six (146) smartphones fully installed with the Tela Application were distributed to 146 government schools in Kagadi District earlier this year.

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