The Kagadi District Senior Inspector of Schools Omukwenda Alinda has directed all private schools in Kagadi to distance themselves from charging parents exorbitant fees for UNEB registration. Omukwenda Alinda said this on 28th February 2024 during the harmonization meeting between the Kagadi District Education department and headteachers and proprietors of private schools that don’t have UNEB center numbers.

He said that private schools should effectively communicate to parents the exact amount charged by UNEB as registration fees and also share with the parents other costs involved in the process of registration.

If you have additional charges like taking photographs, facilitating UNEB examiners, motivating staff who teach extra lessons, communicating to the parents, instead of reading for them one figure which you are calling UNEB registration. For now the registration fees is UGX 34000. If the figure changes, UNEB will communicate.

Said Omukwenda Alinda.

He also advised private schools that have a habit of dumping to other schools substandard learners to stop immediately. He encouraged private schools to create more time to teach, assess and analyze results for their learners and make a decision on whether to register these learners for UNEB.

Teach your learners, assess them, analyze results, get the real issues that are limiting your learners from performing well. Giving an assessment is not enough, marking alone is not enough. The process ends with analyzing results and making an informed decision.

He added.

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